Welcome to PrincetonCC™

PrincetonCC™ is a web development company that focuses primarily on consumer websites. We design and build our own web-based consumer tools, services, and sites. When we have time and interest, we work as consultants to do similar work for other companies that need our expertise.

Currently, we are focusing on these areas:

  • Our Internet publishing business, including both content creation and a suite of publishing tools that we call Intentional Content™. For an example, check out our health and fitness site: HealthFitnessExperts.com
  • Rusty Domains™ A domain name management, parking, and marketing system for our large portfolio of premium domain names.
  • z3.cc™ Our private URL shortener system.
  • Speedy Lists™ A free, easy to use online site for making, managing, and sharing lists for just about any purpose -- grocery lists, Home Depot lists, To Do lists, Honey Do lists, movies to watch, things to pack, etc., etc..
  • Project based Ruby on Rails consulting services.

Do you have some questions? Feel free to contact us.